TFrame T Shirt Frame Black Small


Umbra T-Frame T-Shirt DisplayThis unique T-Shirt display case is made to showcase your favorite sports concert graphic or athletic t-shirts. Since it?s shaped like a t-shirt you can easily fold your shirt into the frame for a compact display that will keep it looking pristine. Included is a folding guide allowing you to align your shirt perfectly in the frame. With this quick and easy to use solution you don?t have to worry about your shirt sagging in a shadowbox or being unprotected outside a frame. Made with shatter-proof acrylic your t-shirt will be safe and dust-proof behind this wall display. Simply fold your t-shirt on the built-in folding template and then place the jersey inside the frame. Umbra?s T-Frame is available in a small (21.88 x 19.88 x 1.13 inches) medium (28.54 x 24.37 x 1.18 inches) and large (36 x 32.88 x 1.25 inches) size to accommodate your different t-shirts and jerseys. We strongly recommend you measure the portion of your t-shirt which you intend to display PRIOR to ordering to ensure it will fit correctly. US Patent No. D682581 Dimensions: 21.5″ (55cm)L x 1.13″ (3cm)W x 19.75″ (50cm)H

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Dimensions 21.5 × 1.13 × 19.75 in