Garand Medium 15H Two-Toned Black/Natural Ceramic Jug


Meticulously crafted from ceramic and finished in a two-tone neutral palette the Garand II is one of three stunning jugs from the Garand series. featuring a smooth black-toned body that complements the naturally finished tapered neck the Garand II fits perfectly in spaces based on the Mid-century modern and coastal design styles especially when paired with other pieces from this series.?Ceramic Body?| The Garand?is a stunning?jug?that is expertly handcrafted from ceramic and is a substantial decor piece that does not easily chip and wear.?Unique Finish?| Finished in a?two-tone neutral palette the Garand?looks great in any space and setting especially when displayed as a set of three jugs of varying sizes.?Noteworthy Design?| Featuring?a?tapering two-tone body with a handle?the Garand?is sure to be a hit in any space especially in ones based on the mid-century modern design style.?Three?Sizes?| The Garand?is available in?three?sizes – Small:?6.3L x 4.5W x 10.3H Medium:?7.5L x 5.1W x 13.6H &?Large:?7.0L x 6.0W x 16.0H.. Dimensions: 7.5L x 5.1W x 13.6H

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