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Flipside Shower Caddy White-Aluminium


Flipside is a versatile and stylish caddy with ample storage and stability thanks to the patented Gel-Lock technology built into the back locking it into place. This adjustable shower caddy flips to sit on either the left or right-hand side of your shower and works on a variety of shower types including rail and handheld showers. Its two height-adjustable shelves allow tall bottles to fit with ease. The bands on the side of these shelves expand to hold four razors. Flipside?s soap dish at the bottom of the shelf has a Flex Gel-Lock on the back of it which secures it to the shower wall preventing it from wobbling around. This white molded shower caddy has aluminum finishes and a slim sleek build. Dimensions: 29.5L x 15.75W x 5.13H

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Dimensions 29.5 × 15.75 × 5.13 in