Yoon Radius Modular Sectional Umbra Grey


Darling you’re different and we love it! A keen scene space-wise this dreamy modular sofa is just as unique as you are. Yoon is a velvet cloud of furniture ready to float happily through your space and elevate the everyday. This sectional sofa features a deep seat with a low backrest offering exceptional relaxation while its comforting curves embrace a mellow blissed-out shape. Yoon’s velvety smooth upholstery blends seamlessly into versatile living areas and its soft supportive cushions and enveloping tactility are sprung with webbing and coil springs. You can configure this sofa to seat 7 comfortably as an entire sectional- you can also arrange it as two chaises and three slipper chairs. Flexible design for flexible living Yoon is a place you can truly escape to.. Dimensions: 146.5W x 144.5″D x 32.25″H”

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