Tutu Curtain Rod Eco-Friendly Gold 42-120″ (107-305 cm)


Umbra Tutu Expandable Curtain RodWith a fluted glass-like finial and soft curves Tutu is a modern and elegant curtain rod that fits a wide range of windows. Its acrylic finial allows light to retract through allowing for a unique touch. Made of steel and acrylic this curtain rod is durable while remaining attractive in design. Includes all necessary mounting hardware for an easy installation. Tutu curtain 1″ (2.5cm) diameter rod comes in a variety of sizes and supports curtain sets weighing up to 22lbs. (10kg). This curtain rod is made with an eco-friendlier finish. It produces 85% less water and solid waste than traditional electroplating finishes. Dimensions: 42-120″ (107-305cm)L x 1″ (2.5cm)W x 126.25″ (321cm)H

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Dimensions 42 × 1 × 126.25 in