Keyhole Paper Towel Holder Black-Nickel


Keyhole Paper Towel Holder has a simplistic modern form featuring a narrow rounded shape. Its glossy nickel base and sleek black molded post Keyhole is a modern spin on a paper towel holder. Keyhole’s metal base has a shallow bowl shape assisting to hold the paper towel in place creating a clean one-handed tear. The center post tapers to two points providing sufficient friction for the tear. This simplistic paper towel holder is durable with a heavy metal base and molded rubber post. Keyhole is compact measuring 6.75 dia. x 12.5 inches (17 dia. x 32 cm) taking up minimal square footage on your kitchen countertop. Dimensions: 12L x 6.75W x 6.75H

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Dimensions 12 × 6.75 × 6.75 in