Anywhere Kitchen Tension Hooks Organizer White 20 Hooks


Umbra Anywhere Kitchen Tension 20 HooksReduce countertop clutter with this non-damaging and tool-free telescoping kitchen tension system. This multi-use organizer features twenty hanging hooks for versatile storage. Organize cooking utensils towels or other types of household items in your kitchen bathroom office or other places. Anywhere Tension Hooks can be customized to suit your needs and space! Both width and height adjustable this organizer adjusts from 15?-20? (38-50 cm) in height and 15.5?-24? (39-61 cm) in width. Anywhere Tension Organizer is also available in two other systems. Soft grip pads provide friction and protect surfaces. Weight capacities for the hooks are 1.12lbs. (0.5 kg) per hook. Dimensions: 20 HOOK” (cm)L x 25.88″ (66cm)W x 3″ (8cm)H

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Dimensions 20 × 25.88 × 3 in