Huppe Furniture

Huppe Furniture was founded in Quebec in 1967, Huppé underwent a stunning transformation after it was acquired in 2010 by a passionate and visionary entrepreneur: Jean-François Nolin. Determined to produce high-end contemporary furniture in Canada and offer a homegrown alternative to European imports, the young CEO surrounded himself with talented people who shared his vision. With Joël Dupras as artistic director and head of design and a management team ready to face today’s tough furniture market, it’s “mission accomplished” for Huppé. Thanks to a skilled team of experienced artisansand uncommonly talented designers, Huppé’s creations rival those of the most well-established European manufacturers, in both quality and style. They can be found throughout North America and, increasingly, around the world.

For almost 50 years now, Huppé furniture has been made on a small scale by talented artisans who carry out a number of steps in the production process by hand. For every piece of furniture, Huppé oversees the manufacturing process and inspects the work at every step to ensure each creation is of the highest quality.  Huppé furniture goes through more than 20 stages in the production process before it gets to your home.  At each stage, we work slowly and carefully to ensure your furniture will stand the test of time.


Did you know that Huppé has invested $350,000 in purchasing and installing a next-generation heat recovery system and air exchanger? With this new equipment, we can recover the heat generated in our stain and varnish chambers and use it to heat the factory.

  • 75% reduction in our natural gas consumption
  • Net reduction in greenhouse gases of 104.5 tons per year
  • Equivalent to the CO2 captured by 740 mature tree
Did you know that Huppé planted 2,500 trees last year?  For each bed sold, Huppé donated $4 to Trees for Canada for a tree to be planted on its behalf. Investment of over $10,000 for reforestation.  Trees planted in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.  Once mature, these trees will capture 353 tons of CO2

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